Most  children who come to the  Shelter have been removed from their  birth homes by Children’s Protective Services, or have been in a family or foster care placement that didn’t work out. 

Short term residential care is needed for other situations, too.  Parents can be prevented from caring for their children by an unexpected medical crisis or other emergency.  Sometimes an unsupervised child is found by police officers and no responsible adult can be located.  For over 20 years, the Shelter has  been a refuge for these children.

The Shelter cares for both boys and girls  aged 0-17.  Ours is one of the few shelters in the state that accepts infants and toddlers. It operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Experienced staff  work hard to assure a nonthreatening. nurturing, environment. If records are available, children are enrolled in public school,  and family visitation is allowed if the managing conservator authorizes it. Clothing,  tutoring, and birthday and Christmas gifts are provided.



Assessment services offered:


(Assessment services other than physical exam are done at the caseworker's request.)

Psychological evaluation with a maximum 2-week report receipt.

Physical--including medical, dental, vision, hearing.

Educational (if needed in addition to psychological).

Documentation of child's behavior with recommendations for the receiving placement.

Assistance in completing common application and looking at future non-family placements.

For younger children (0-3), Early Childhood Intervention Screenings.

Early childhood assessments through school system (3-5).


Children we cannot serve:

Active fire-starters (those who do it alone, as opposed to those who are part of a group).

Extremely physically aggressive children.  We do not do "take-downs," nor do we have a seclusion room.  We aim toward de-escalation.

Medically fragile children.

Children who are or have been suicidal within the last thirty days.


Those we would consider depending on the current population:

Children who are sexual offenders/perpetrators.

Children who have been "suicidal" but have been released with a psychiatrist's statement that they are no longer suicidal and are "stabilized."

Screening will depend on current population (see above) and space availability.  If possible, please bring medications.


Small child at Shelter.

Children’s Emergency Shelter


Judy (Shelter mgr) 325-653-8263;

 Exec. Dir. Sammye 325-655-3821;

PO Box 3772, San Angelo, TX 76902