Easing foster kids’ track to independence


There’s a lot to learn and adjust to for  any young adult leaving his family home to live on his own. Leaving foster care with no family support system to rely on is to undertake  a crash course—difficult, but rewarding-- in Life 101.  The syllabus includes  


¨ Becoming able to support himself

¨ Forming healthy relationships with others

¨ Participating in his community

¨ Gaining the education he needs to cope
with the challenges he  will face.


The Concho Valley Transition  Center is always there to help.  We offer advice and emotional support in resolving problems, refer participants to appropriate community programs, help them apply for housing, college entrance and financial aid, and give them  limited  assistance with in-kind donations and cash. Most important of all , we offer a program in partnership with the Texas Workforce Commission which helps young adults complete suitable job training and learn how to get and hold on  to a job, and will help pay essential living and  work-related expenses until they can cover these costs on their own.


To access a list of local resources  for Transition Center clients, click on one of the links below.

             General Assistance    Housing, Transportation    Employment


   Health Resources    Money   Food Resources   Education & training




Concho Valley Transition Center 


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