News and Events

What is it?  The second annual online giving event organized by the San Angelo Area Foundation. It will kick off at 12:00 a.m. May 2 and end at 11:59  Last year  it raised over $1 million for over 130 Concho Valley nonprofits (including CVHG/CES). Minimum donation is $10 (there’s no upper limit). Donations under $10,00 willl be “augmented” by SAAF (percentage to be determined May 3), and various prizes sill be offered during ther day. You can donate at using a credit our debit card; if you don’t want to give online, call SAAF at 947-7071. All donations are tax-deductible, and you will receive a email receipt confirming the deduction.

Of course we hope you’ll chose to donate to our agency.  If we’re on your list of agencies you support, this is maybe the best time and way to give us money, because the miracle of “augmentation” means we’ll get more than you give, which is pretty neat.